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The Big 4 Benefits of Currency Trading (Forex)

Reason 1: 24 Hour Market Liquidity

The Forex market is the most liquid and widely traded in the world, with daily volume exceeding $1.5 trillion, over 30 times the volume of the NYSE. This 24-hour international market offers constant liquidity, allowing currency traders to enter and exit trades at any size and time.

Reason 2: Low Transaction Costs

Currency trading generally has lower trading costs compared to equities and futures. The electronic marketplace of the currency market eliminates exchange and clearing fees, and direct dealing with market makers cuts out ticket costs and middlemen. This results in tight and competitive spreads both intraday and overnight.

Reason 3: Trending Markets

Forex currency pairs tend to develop strong trends, as over 80% of Forex volume is speculative. As a result, the market often overshoots and corrects, providing multiple opportunities for technically trained traders to identify new trends and breakouts.

Reason 4: Ability to Trade in Both Up and Down Markets

Unlike the equity market, short selling is unrestricted in the currency market, leading to the absence of a structural bias, like the bullish bias in equities. This allows traders to profit in both bullish up and bearish down markets.

Education is Key

Success in Forex trading requires proper education and training. With the abundance of Forex courses on the market, it’s crucial to select a course that provides comprehensive training in both technical and fundamental analysis.

The DO’S of Selecting a Forex Trading Course

  1. Plan on committing significant time in the beginning to master your skills, including technical analysis techniques and fundamental analysis of currency pair.
  2. Expect to make mistakes, especially at the start, and make sure the course teaches money management.
  3. Focus on trading with the major trend and making big profits.

The DONT’S of Selecting a Forex Trading Course

  1. Avoid courses that don’t offer an easy way to cancel and refund your money.
  2. Steer clear of courses without an 8-week guarantee.
  3. Stay away from courses that use trading robots, as markets cannot be consistently profitable with robots alone.

In conclusion, Forex trading offers substantial benefits, including 24-hour market liquidity, low transaction costs, trending markets, and the ability to trade in both up and down markets. However, proper education and training are crucial for success in this market. Select a Forex course that teaches both technical and fundamental analysis and offers a guarantee to ensure you have the tools to succeed as a currency trader.